About Dave Seddon

Most of my career I have worked in the retail sector and have had leadership positions such as Assistant Manager, Store Manager and Inventory Coordinator. Even when I have not had a leadership role I believe I have brought a leadership attitude to my job.

I've sold a few things - shoes, handbags, luggage, electronics, clothing and stationery. Unloaded and loaded a few trucks, shipped out a few things, counted a lot of things, and changed the prices on many things, organized and rebuilt more than my fair share of stock rooms.

Did I mention that I think having a sense of humour is important and apparently I have a fairly good sense of humour.

Some people have looked at my career path and said that I have meandered around a bit. True, I did try different jobs. I generally took the first job that I was offered that I felt I could do well in. Also, I tried to stick with the job I had since I found the longer I was there the more competent and confident I became in the job.

I like new challenges - like building websites or starting a blog. Finding the answers or the solutions to problems. Looking for ways to be more efficient in my job or even in my life.

If I have knowledge that can help others do their job better I enjoy passing that knowledge on. That is one of the reasons I started my own web site. If I can teach someone something or provide information that helps someone then I have accomplished my goal.

I take pride in doing a good job and I also want to do a good job because I feel that if I don't I will be letting other people down. To me this is part of customer service. Not only ensuring that the client is well taken care of but the other customer as well - those who you work with.

There is always the question of what are your strengths an weaknesses.

- People say I am a hard worker. I believe in trying my best and persevering.
- I like to listen to what others have to say. I enjoy feedback it is how I learn.
- I like to learn and I like to be involved.
- Humour.

- My weakness is not understanding why people don't want to succeed in their jobs. If a person isn't there to do well or help the team or is just there to "pick up a pay cheque" I don't see why you would stay at that job.

Which of course leads to the question of - "What do you do when others don't how shall we say it, pull their weight?"

Lead by example, do your job to the best of your ability and work with the team. Hopefully, the ones who aren't fully invested will join in or move on.

Career Highlights and Things I've Achieved

My Beliefs

Keys to Success

Communication. When it comes to a work environment for me it's about informing my co-workers / staff about everything that will make them better at their jobs. Knowledge is a great way to empower those around you.

Listening. Many problems can be solved and great ideas can be brought forth if you listen to what those around you are saying. I find listening to others opinions or ideas is a great catalyst for me to be able to create things or solve problems. Listening gets you thinking.

Communication and listening are two important factors with regards to team building.

Thank you for visiting my web site and have a great day.


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