A Boss vs. A Leader

Boss - someone in charge of a worker or organization.

Generally, the word boss has a negative connotation. I never liked being called "the boss" because to me it brought thoughts of being bossy. More like the boss orders people to do things.

Leader - the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.

The main difference between a boss and a leader is summed up in the first four letters of the word leader - LEAD. A leader leads a group.

Showing gratitude to colleagues can build stronger relationships and can help you get better results at work.

A Boss
  • Demanding
  • Knows everything
  • Talks more than they listen
  • Tells people what to do
  • Criticizes
  • Gives orders
  • Gives answers
  • Demands respect
  • Rules with threats
  • Depends on hearsay
  • Demands
  • Relies on authority
  • Issues ultimatums
  • Says "I"
  • Uses people
  • Places the blame
  • Says "Go"
  • Believes their team works for them
  • Focuses on themselves
  • Points out weaknesses
A Leader
  • Inspires others
  • Admits mistakes
  • Listens more than they talk
  • Shows how to do things
  • Gives advice
  • Gives directions
  • Earns and deserves respect
  • Seeks solutions
  • Shows kindness
  • Investigates
  • Coaches
  • Relies on goodwill
  • Generates enthusiasm
  • Says "We"
  • Develops people
  • Takes responsibility
  • Says "Let's go"
  • Believes they work for the team
  • Emphasizes the team
  • Recognizes peoples talents

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