Why People Leave Their Jobs People come and people go. Here are some of the main reasons that people leave their jobs.

stockroom organization If you and your staff can't find what your looking for in your stockroom how are you supposed to serve your customers?

Self-checkout customer service Customer service is important at all times. With self-checkout systems become more prevalent training is the key.
Boss versus Leader Some people are the boss and some people are a leader. What are the differences ?

The Absentee Manager The absent manager does not know how to lead or does not care to lead. They enjoy the benefits of leadership. However, they don't provide any leadership.

Words to Remove from Your Resume Common and overused words that need to be removed from your resume.
Employment Gaps How to explain employment gaps on your resume.

The Photocopier Saga What a photocopier that needs to be repaired tells you about your team.

Resume Mistakes It is the first point of contact a potential employer will have with you. Mistakes on your resume can derail your job search.

Now Hiring One of the most frustrating things about job searching is actually being able to apply for a job that you know is available.

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