Now Hiring or Not Hiring

Hiring staff can be a challenge. When the economy is slow it is definitely easier to find good candidates for a position. Then there are the times when the job market is hot and finding people is very difficult. Generally speaking finding the right person to fill a job opening can be time consuming. You definitely don't want your hiring practices to inhibit your ability to find staff.

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Job searching and applying for a job has become easier in many respects because most large companies use recruitment sites or have their own corporate websites with Career Sections. In the retail world I have personally and through friends run into the following situation.

The store or business has a sign up along the lines of Help Wanted - Apply Online. They won't take your resume at the store level because that is what the company policy is which is fine.

You then go to apply on the corporate website which has the various locations and positions available. Unfortunately, the location that is hiring is not listed as having job openings. You can't apply for a job if you can't apply for the job if that makes sense.

Yes, you can go back to the store that is hiring. However, they won't accept your resume because you have to apply online even though you have told them that their job opening is not listed on their website. I know that is how the system is designed but you are losing potential candidates for the job. How can you fill the job if people can't apply?

Be Proactive

With many organizations when a job seeker submits a resume it goes to the Regional or Coporate Human Resources Department. The Human Resources staff then filter out candidates that are not qualified before passing resumes on or possibly candidates if they have completed an actual interview.

If you are a manager of a department or store and you are not getting any responses to your job opportunity you need to be proactive and find out why.

The first thing to do is find out where your job listing has been posted. If your company has a corporate website with job listings and/or uses a third party job site conduct a search yourself for the job opening that you have. If you can't find the job you have available then there is no chance a job seeker can find it.

It is a good practice to find out when your job listing will be posted and to get in the habit of searching for the job as soon as it is posted. That way you can also see if there have been any errors made in the job posting.

If the job is listed and nothing has been forwarded to you get in contact with your Human Resources Department and ask them if they have received any responses to your job posting.

I am going to get in trouble for this but if HR is getting resumes and haven't sent you any candidates ask them to send you the resumes that they have received. I can tell you they won't like it because they believe that they know what you need for your department or store etc.

I know from experience that if you are in an office in Vancouver, Toronto etc. you don't know what a Store Manager or Department Head wants in an employee for their operations in Winnipeg or Edmonton etc.

Yes, there are basic criteria to be met but if you go to let's say the Store Manager in 5 different stores of the same company you will find they are different, their teams are different. You could give each the exact same candidate resume and some would reject the candidate, some would say maybe and some would say yes.

You can search the internet, read news sites etc. and find numerous examples of qualified individuals who found that there resume didn't even make it to the Manager or Department Head who was looking for candidates for a job.

Again if you are trying to fill a job vacancy or are a job seeker you have to be proactive. | Famous Quotations

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