Why People Leave Their Jobs

There are many reasons why people leave their jobs. Generally, it is not just one thing that causes good employees to leave. In most cases things tend to build up over time.

The unfortunate thing is that in many cases employee turnover could be avoided if managers and companies in general would change some of the actions that lead to employees leaving.

1. Managers Supervisors etc.

Survey after survey finds that the main reason employees choose to move on from their job is the relationship they have with their boss. A person in a leadership position needs to be well, a leader. Essentially, they have to care. Care about the employees, care about the job and care about the company. If you don't care don't expect your employees to stick around.

2. Accomplishments Aren't Recognized

You work hard, accomplish your goals, go above and beyond, make a positive impact and you get ----- no recognition. Your supervisor doesn't thank you, doesn't tell you that you did a great job or in anyone shape or form notices what you've done. Not very motivating but very deflating.

Rewarding individual accomplishments shows that you, as a leader are paying attention. You need to communicate with your staff and find out what type of recognition inspires them. Some people just want a simple thank you, while others may feel comfortable with recognizing their accomplishments in front of the group.

3. Getting the Same Rewards as Others - Getting Treated Equally.

People perform at different levels in their jobs with some being top performers and others let's say no so much. Treating everyone equally rewards those who don't try or don't succeed in doing a good job. The top performers are picking up the slack for the less than stellar performers.

My real life example was a performance review that I had with one of my employers. Many people commented on how much work I did and how I did more than others etc. However, when I had my performance review I was rated as average and received the same raise as employees that other managers noted were not performing.

Everyone got the same raise and the same average rating. Why? The Store Manager had no idea what any staff member was doing. She "delegated" her duties to her Front Store Managers ( Assistant Store Managers ) and hid in her office or went home early. When it came time to do reviews she had no clue so everyone was given the same rewards.

4. Tolerating Poor Performance.

We've all seen it. The employee who doesn't do a good job or doesn't really care about doing a good job. If poor performance isn't addressed it has a negative effect on the employees who are doing their jobs.

5. Communication - Engaging With the Employees.

It is really nice when your boss tells you that someone from Head Office or your District Manager is coming for a visit. Or that you have new or changed job responsibilities. Or that there is a new process or procedure that has been implemented.

Actually it's not nice. It is what should be done. When you find these things out by accident it does not make you feel valued as an employee. It is even more demoralizing when it is made to look like you dropped the ball even though you had no clue what was going on.

Also, if you are a manager, supervisor, boss or whatever term you like to use talk to your employees. Say hello to them, ask them how things are going. It totally amazes me when I see "leaders" not even say one word to employees that are under their supervision.

6. People Aren't Allowed to Grow.

I've had the experience where I had a job position that I had I will modestly say mastered. I needed a new challenge and applied for another position in the company. However, I was told that I would not get an interview for the new job - even though I was told I was totally qualified. The reason ? I was to valuable in my current position and my supervisor would not give approval for my possible promotion.

Which is kind of flattering in one sense but very limiting. You want to do more. Want to achieve more. You want to try and make a positive impact in another area of the company that you enjoy working for. Then you wonder if you will ever be allowed to try for a promotion.

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